Invasion of the Alien Parasite from Interdimensional Space

Bewildering Stories, Issue 925

The Girl with No Eyes

Altered Reality Magazine, May/June 2021, Issue #29

One Stupid Cloud

An  Air Force lieutenant sees a single cloud in the sky, a seemingly innocuous puff of white that marks the beginning of a really bad day. (The Nebraska Review, winter 2002.)

The Origin of Fruitcake

A young, idealistic couple refuses to cut down trees to build their house and instead make their house out of fruitcake. (Originally published as “A Fruity Booty: A Holiday Season Tale, ” Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, December 25, 1993).

Characterization of Non-methane Hydrocarbons in the Rural Southeast United States

(Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 31, No. 23, pp. 4017-4038, 1997).

My first, last, and only peer-reviewed, published scientific paper.  (C’mon, aren’t you a little bit curious?)