Lisa Marie Hagerman was born in Taiwan and moved to the U.S. with her family when she was 18 months old. She was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a small, conservative city fortuitous enough to be one of the few remaining places on the planet where global warming does not exist. She began writing in a weekly journal for a 3rd grade project and never stopped. While attending the U.S. Air Force Academy for her undergraduate studies, she developed an ear for the colorful vernacular of the young adult male, a budding sense of sarcasm, and a suspicion that free will is an illusion. She was commissioned in the Air Force in 1994 with a degree in physics, and went on to earn an MS in atmospheric science from North Carolina State University. While serving as a weather officer, she managed to fit in a half-dozen English and creative writing classes from the University of Nebraska and UCLA during her free time. Two kids and a mortgage later, realizing she could not afford to go back to school for an MFA in creative writing without wiping out her kids’ college fund, she went ahead and wrote a novel. And then she wrote another novel. She hopes you enjoy them both someday.