Utopia of Their Dreams

Four weeks ago, seventeen-year-old June Rose awoke with no memories, no identification records, and no money. She couldn’t recognize her own mother, the amnesic woman sharing her sleeping compartment. All June knows is what she learned from the police: their names, dates of birth, and her status as an emancipated minor. Someone had extracted their neural implants and replaced them with new ones manufactured by the Axxon Corporation.

In 2180, the financial apocalypse is over. Streets are safe, and everyone is provided an income. To escape poverty, unemployables spend their time and income in NewLife, Axxon’s seductive simulated reality utopia. June spends hers in a consignment shop searching for her stolen memories, and buying secondhand memories to fill her empty neural implant.

One morning June discovers a memory of herself she can’t afford, from a beloved she can’t remember. This memory, from a young Axxon research assistant who died after a secret neuropsychology experiment when horribly wrong, holds the key that can unlock her past and restore her former life, or unleash the forces bent on destroying Axxon and its tightly controlled world—if only she can find enough money to buy it before someone else buys it first.

Chapter 1

The Foster Kid

Cory McCormick hears people think.  He feels what others feel. He’s been living on the streets since the brutal murder of his parents four years ago.

Now, After being placed in a foster home, he finds himself facing his greatest challenge of all.

High school.

Chapter 1